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Bike safety equipment

As a general rule, any equipment that makes it easier for drivers to see you and does not restrict your movements is recommended. Here are some examples:

  1. Wear a helmet that carries the SNELL® sticker inside.
  2. Equip your bicycle with lights and reflectors. Every bike should have, at minimum, a white front reflector, a red rear reflector, two side-wheel reflectors and a headlight. Keep reflectors clean and replace any that are broken.
  3. Wear bright or fluorescent clothing during the day (bright-colored clothing helps drivers see bicycle riders more easily) and reflective clothing at night.
  4. A rearview mirror is helpful. It allows the cyclist to keep track of what is going on behind him or her.
  5. A day-glo flag (as tall as possible) should be attached to the back of a child's bike, so the child can be seen easily by other drivers.
  6. A horn or a bell alerts pedestrians and other riders of the cyclist's approach.
  7. Avoid long skirts and flare pants. Clasp pants to leg with safety clips or leg bands.
  8. A rear rack or carrier aids safety by providing a way to carry packages while leaving the bicyclist's hands free.
  9. A child four years or younger, or weighing 40 pounds or less, must ride on a seat that holds the child in place and protects the youngster from moving parts. The child must also wear an approved helmet.

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